Unveiling Botswana’s charms through Kwando Camps

By Mauricio Zarzar

Embarking on a journey to Botswana was nothing short of a beautiful combination of nature, culture, and adventure. In just three words, I can sum it up: I LOVE IT. This enchanting country has something for every kind of explorer.

Wildlife: Even though we visited during the lush green season, Botswana didn’t fail to mesmerize us with its rich wildlife. From mammals and reptiles to an abundance of birds, our safari dreams came true, thanks to the expertise of our guides and trackers. Every tick on our “must-see” list was a testament to the natural beauty that Botswana preserves.

Culture: The beating heart of Botswana lies not only in its wilderness but also in the passionate and proud people we encountered. We were lucky enough to experience The Bushmen Walk during our stay at Nxai Pan camp, which was a remarkable journey into the survival techniques and customs of these highly skilled people. What struck me even more was the constant warmth and goodwill radiating from every person we met. The smiles were as infectious as the vibrant culture itself.

Accessibility: Navigating the vastness of Botswana was made effortlessly convenient by its two international airports. Local airlines seamlessly connected us between camps, and the added thrill of helicopter travel provided breathtaking aerial views of this awe-inspiring country. Flying over Botswana became a surreal experience, unveiling the beauty that sprawls beneath.

Kwando’s camps: Our safari adventure unfolded across four Kwando properties, each a testament to the art of hospitality. Kwando’s long-standing expertise in the game was evident, ensuring a consistent blend of service and quality across all properties.

  • Lagoon: Nestled along the Kwando River, Lagoon offered an intimate safari experience. With only nine rooms, personalized service, and outstanding guides, we felt truly alone in nature, surrounded by the beauty of the African wilderness. Each tent has views of the river and they stand so far apart that one truly feels surrounded by nature and animals who wonder around the property.
  • PomPom: A true delta experience, PomPom blended rustic architecture with endless island views. The traditional safari ambiance coupled with the comfort of tented camps provided the perfect backdrop for relaxation and wildlife observation.
  • 4 Rivers: Set against the stunning floodplains, 4 Rivers became our haven for varied safari activities. From game drives to night safaris and walking safaris, this was the ideal place to add a few more days to balance adventure with serene breaks between bustling safari days.
  • Nxai Pan: Our journey concluded at Nxai Pan, within the Nxai Pan National Park. With a rustic décor harmonizing with the salt pans’ beauty, the scenery here changes dramatically. Here is where people can witness an impressive Zebra migration – the second largest land animal migration in Southern Africa. The camp is also in front of a main waterhole in the area, which makes it a great place for game viewing.

For those seeking an intimate safari experience, Kwando is the way to go. We were able to follow wild dogs on the hunt, see Leopards napping during hot days and pride of lions enjoying family dinner. However, this was only made possible by the incredible people employed by Kwando. Their guides and trackers were not only knowledgeable but also patient, ensuring our safari was nothing short of extraordinary. In Botswana, Kwando isn’t just a name; it’s the key to unlocking the wonders of this magical land.

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