Zanzibar Tours

Often when people hear the word Zanzibar it can conjure images of a rich and murky mixture of the exotic and dark past of the world-renowned 'spice island'. Zanzibar Tours with Eclipse will show you the length and breadth of this stunning coastal location, revealing the rich tapestry of its history, the amazing architectural overhangs of its past, and the luscious natural wonder of its beaches and landscape.

Should you choose to being your Zanzibar Travel in the capital, Stone Town, then you have started in a UNESCO World Heritage Site compromising of intricate narrow alleys and mystical seeming architecture. A great place to start launch into your Zanzibar Tours, you can absorb the island culture, experience the markets and local food, and fall in love with the people.

Zanzibar’s white sand beaches, lined with palm trees to form post-card perfect vistas wherever you look, have to be seen to be believed. While there you must experience a spice tour which is an excellent way to experience an important historical insight into Zanzibar’s story.

As an African island about 23 miles off the East African Coast, its very name evokes romantic associations – the heady scent of spices, images of narrow streets, carved doors, and coral reefs. It is a tourist’s paradise, with tranquil, warm tropical waters and many miles of beautiful sandy beaches along the Indian Ocean.

This Eclipse Africa tour will see you visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Stone Town and an experiencing a Spice Plantation to taste and smell the different spices and fruit cultivated on the island. Spend your days relaxing in the sun and soaking in the warm, tropical waters of Zanzibar.

Classic Zanzibar & Stone Town
Classic Zanzibar & Stone Town

Zanzibar is an island about 23 miles off the East African Coast. Its very name evokes romantic associations - smell…

Duration: 6 Days
Departs Daily
Kilimanjaro, Serengeti & Zanzibar
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Next Departure Date: 17 Aug 2024