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Weddell Sea Tours

Experience the wild and wonderful Weddell Sea Tours with Eclipse Travel's selection of Antarctic tours and Weddell Sea Tour packages. Fierce, cold and stunningly beautiful your Weddell Sea Tours selection will have you following in the footsteps of explorers just like Shackleton who have grappled with the contrasts of the Weddell Sea and defied the odds to see some of the planet’s most amazing natural landscapes. The Weddell Sea has an abundance of whales and seals which is of great appeal for wildlife lovers too.

Your journey to Antarctica and the Weddell Sea takes place from the deck of an expedition vessel crewed with friendly and knowledgeable explorers who simply love this tour and everything the surrounding region offers.

Often visitors come to the Weddell Sea for its main event and the attraction of seeing some Earth’s most amazing wildlife like the enormous Adelie penguin rookeries. You might also get to the chance to see an elusive Emperor penguin. Another main attraction in this fabulous location is the sight of huge tabular icebergs. The water of the Weddell Sea is also deemed by scientists to be the clearest of any sea so you might even spy the very bottom.

Stop putting off what will be your most amazing travel experience yet. Most people have considered Antarctica to be the unreachable frontier and the very height of a travel adventure they might never get to see. Be one of the few who does get there with an unforgettable adventure to the remotest place on Earth with Eclipse Travels.

Contact us today for obligation free quote on your ideal package adventure and finally cross that must-see destination off the list.

Weddell Sea Emperor Penguin Voyage
Weddell Sea Emperor Penguin Voyage

This is your unique chance to be part of a true expedition voyage! The Emperor Penguin rookery (ca. 4,000 breeding…

Duration: 11 Days
Ship: Ortelius
Next Departure Date: 14 Nov 2021