Experience the remarkable wildlife and stunning landscapes of the Galapagos Islands aboard this luxurious vessel. Choose from two 8 day itineraries exploring the exotic islands in luxury.

Silver Galapagos: San Cristobal to Baltra

8 days
Words cannot describe the experience of a Galapagos cruise. Trace the remarkable origins of the species as you discover a land that time forgot. On board the Silver Galapagos vessel, this is where luxury meets discovery. Swim with sea turtles...
from NZ$9975

Silver Galapagos: Baltra to San Cristobal

8 days
Imagine exploring the history and culture of captivating destinations before you ever step foot off your ship. The dignified monuments. That secluded locals-only shoreline. The rare wildlife and bird species. You will be able to experience this and more. Visit...
from NZ$9030
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